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 QC-101A1  Computer Sever Carton Compression Tester ˇ@

ASTM D642, ISO 12048, CNS 2543/3511

Computer Sever Carton Compression Tester is to test the structure of the material and finished packing box. You could realize resist compression of packing box through displacement curve displayed on computer.

To test the compressive strength for large packing receptacle is to imitate the damaging condition when stacking and transferring the paper carton, oil drum, packing bag. Directly set the pressing speed on large moveable pressing plate to compress the receptacle until damaged. Record the maximal compressing force for determining the design for packaging.
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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Capacity ˇ@  2000kg/5000kg
 Test Speed ˇ@  1~300mm/min
 Weight ˇ@  800kg
 Power ˇ@  Single Phrase,220V,6A
 Test Space ˇ@  100x100x90(H)cm
 Dimension ˇ@  170X100X200cm


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