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 QC-505A1  Universal Material Testing Machine ˇ@

QC-505A1 Universal Material Testing Machine has already been upgraded to new model no.QC-505B1. Please check QC-505B1 for detail specifaction.

Universal Testing Machine provides two different load cell connectors to extend testing range with a precision result. This testing machine especially be used in weak raw material with a strong finished products.Floor type is most used for cable,wire,screw parts and textiles.

The max testing force of this tester is 50KN, with long stroke and two test spaces, allow set two different capacity sensors to do the test for high testing force industry, like Spring, Wire, Robber/Plastic. Alternative for Self-machinery operation or computer control to proceed to data analysis and testing, like tensile (compression) testing, bending endurance testing, cycling testing, to obtain the different physical properties of various materials.

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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Max Capacity ˇ@  Up to 50kn(5000kg)
 Max Travel ˇ@  1000mm
 Max Space ˇ@  420mm
 Test Speed ˇ@  0.5~500mm/min
 Force Resolution ˇ@  1/100,000
 Controller ˇ@  Computer
 Weight ˇ@  360kg
 Power ˇ@  Single Phrase, 220V,5A
 Dimension ˇ@  90x60x195cm


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