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 QC-506A1  Computerized ServoTensile Tester °@

CNS 2276

A1 series is a completely computer controlled material testing machine with AC servo motor, ball screws and timing belt for a high precision testing result. Test for various material such as rubber/ plastic / tape /textile/ electrical product°Ketc in Tensile/ Compression / Peel/ Fatigue / bending/shear test with different clamps. Special test with universal testing machine is also available to discussion such as oven type and Temperature & Humidity type testing environment.

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 Specs °@  Description
 Max Capacity °@  10kn(1000kg)
 Stroke °@  800mm (or extend to 1100mm)
 Test speed °@  0°„800mm/min(adjustable)
 Test width °@  425mm(standard)
 Features °@  °∑With dust-proof cover, protection cover to
 extend the machine lifetime

 °∑With up/down limit, emergency button to
 protect machine

 Dimension °@  84°—58°—151cm
 Weight °@  145kgs


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