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°n According to Functions °nAbrasion resistance test

 QC-621H  Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester °@

This tester is for test the discoloration condition and abrasion-resistant of painting surface such as coating, electroplating dyeing by using white cotton cloth°Beraser°Bsteel wool to test the abrasion-resistant of specimens. The setting can be modified according to different speed, stroke, specimen size, abrasion head, load°Ketc.
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 Specs °@  Description
 Loading Weight °@  50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1000g (the aliminum
 abrasion head is 200g)
 Testing distance °@  10~100mm adjustable (eccentric wheel
 Max test force °@  The max test force is 8 kgs when test stroke is
 under 50mm
 Abrasion Head °@  a)£X6.35mm sandpaper b)£X16mmcotton c)£X16mm
 steel wool (optional)
 Specimen size °@  Width is 20-200mm, Max thickness is 50mm( grip
 can be adjust according to different specimen.)
 Dimension °@  70°—35°—45 cm
 Control panel °@  Timer: 0°„99,999,999 Auto stop when test

 Test speed: 10~100 CPM

 Weight °@  46kgs
 Power supply °@  100V-240V
 Control panel °@  Timer: 0°„99,999,999 Auto stop when test

 Test speed: 10~100 CPM



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