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 QC-639K  Mechanical Impact Tester °@

ASTM D256/D1822, JIS k7110, CNS 3843/5846/8768/9284

Mechanical tye of Universal Impact Tester. The machine has inserted the function of machine energy loss calculation, energy formula and unit exchange. It will be easy to read the impact energy of specimen.

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 Specs °@  Description
 IZOD type °@  1.Capacity°G1J°A2.75J°B5.5J°B11J°B22J (or

 2.Impact velocity°G3.5 m/sec°”10ĘH

 3.Radius of striker edge°G0.8°”0.2mm

 4.Location of striking edge above tope face of

 IZOD type °@  5.Optional force grip: to change the clmap

 6.Specimen width°G10mm or 12.7mm

 7.Specimen thickness°G3 ~ 12.7mm

 Charpy type °@  1.Capacity°G0.5J°B1J°B5J( or appoint)

 2.Impact velocity°G2.9m/sec°”10ĘH

 3.Radius of striker edge°G2°”0.5mm

 4.Radius of curvature of supports°G1°”0.1mm

 5.Position of midplane between supports:°”
 Charpy type °@  6.Specimen length°G50 ~ 160 mm(span adjustable)
 Other common specification °@  1.Energy loss°G< 2.5%

 2.minmum display angle°G1degree

 3.with fix position device

 4.Energy calculation program one set

 5.with protection cover and protection lock

 Other common specification °@  6.Impact angle: 150ĘX

 7.Size°G78 °— 33 °— 83cm

 8.weight°G125 kg



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