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 QC-T60  Closure Torque Tester ¡@

Closure Torque Tester.The T60 has been specifically designed to measure the torque performance of tamper-evident closures and seals. Traditioinal spring-type torque testers have proved unsuitable for this task due to their inherent variability and low accuracy.

This equipment is specialized for testing the torsion force of bottle top. Available to choose Metric system or English system for testing, and two testing methods, clockwise and anti-clockwise are also included in this tester. With standard bottle grip which holding diameter can be adjusted according to the diameter of bottle, also with protecting function for liquid leaking during the testing process.
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 Specs ¡@  Description
 Measurement Range ¡@  0-6N.m, 0-60kgf.cm, 0-50lbf.in
 Display Resolution ¡@  0.002N.m, 0.02kgf.cm, 0.01lbf.in
 Accuracy ¡@  ¡Ó0.5% full scale deflection
 Overload ¡@  Typically 150% of full scale
 Units of Measurement ¡@  N.m, mN.m, N.cm, kgf.cm,
 gf.cm ,lbf.ft ,lbf.in ,ozf.in
 Machine Weight ¡@  3kg
 Sampling Rate ¡@  5000Hz
 Machine Dimension ¡@  303(w)x278(d)x127mm(h)
 Container Diameter ¡@  10-160mm


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